Community Life

Countryside aims to support the new community through a range of facilities to facilitate everyday life, recreation and working families. Our masterplan will provide these in convenient locations for new residents, whilst being accessible for existing neighbours. As part of this, a cluster of buildings has been designed which could include a community hall, nursery and health centre.

Community Space

A dedicated community space will be available for the use by the public and local community groups.


One of the buildings in the community cluster is intended to be a nursery. Countryside has an excellent relationship with a number of nursery operators and have successfully delivered nurseries in many of our new communities.

Health Centre

Our masterplan includes the potential to provide a health centre which could accommodate future GP places. Countryside are in discussions with the NHS about how the needs of the new community can be best accommodated.

Sports Pitches

In addition to playing fields for the primary and secondary schools, our masterplan provides sports pitches for community use. These are designed to provide space for a variety of outdoor sports e.g. football, rugby, cricket, etc.