Getting Around

Whilst our transport strategy for the new village recognises that cars remain an important means of travel, it is designed to encourage as many trips as possible by foot, bus and cycle, and should help mitigate the impact of the remaining car trips.

We have planned a network of pedestrian, cycle and bus routes, creating sustainable links between Cambourne, Bourn, Cambridge and Highfields Caldecote to maximise non-car usage.

Improving connectivity

A new high-speed public transport corridor is currently being planned by the Greater Cambridge Partnership to provide frequent services between Cambridge and Cambourne.

The alignment of this route is still being finalised, but it is designed to include two stops at Bourn Airfield, providing a direct link to Cambridge and Cambourne.

Local bus services

The careful design of the site provides opportunities to create bus linkages through the new settlement and to Cambourne and other areas on a circular route.


The two main entrances to the development will be from new accesses from St Neots Road at the northeast and from The Broadway at the west.

The western access onto The Broadway is being carefully designed so that vehicles are physically prevented from turning left out of the site and right into the site, so that traffic does not travel south towards Bourn Village.


Express Bus and Cycle Way


Pedestrian and Cycle Connections


Public Transport