Public Realm

We have built our reputation on delivering high quality public spaces for our new communities. The design of our masterplan for Bourn Airfield has been developed around the current landscape features of the site.


There will be structural landscaping throughout the new village to provide visual, recreational and ecological green corridors. These spaces also help to ensure the site will be well-drained and reduces the risk of flooding. Each new home at Bourn will only be a short walk to a green space, which can be used by all. The spaces include children’s play areas, walking and cycling paths.

One of the key open spaces will be the runway park: a formally designed, linear park which will reflect the shape of one of the existing runways, it will preserve the memory of the historic role this land played in World War II. This will start at the neighbourhood centre and stretch down visually and physically to the open countryside beyond the development boundary.

Woodland and Ecology

The majority of the existing trees and woodland will be retained as part of the development. In addition, the masterplan aims to create a net gain in ecology through both enhancements of the retention of habitat corridors, such as the hedgerow to the North East of the site, which provides a foraging corridor for bats.

Public Art

We would like to include public art within the key open spaces of the development and would like the design of the public art to reflect the unique history and character of the site.

The indicative landscape plan for the Eastern Gateway - click to enlarge
The indicative landscape plan - click to enlarge